Englewood Can Change

I have always felt giving back to my community was the best way to change the world. Everyday I watch the news or go online and I see all the bad things happening in the world. Although there are many problems that most people can’t change directly, you can start within your community. For Chicagoans, there are plenty of opportunities to give back and change the city around you.  A subject often seen in Chicago news is the violence in Englewood. Although the crime is high in Englewood, the community itself has a lot of great people working to make it a better place. As a mentor in Englewood, I witness first hand the struggles of some of these people as well as the triumphs. One of the programs in Englewood is R.A.G.E. This program does all it can to help the residents of Englewood and make it a better place.

Helping programs like R.A.G.E or volunteering in the Englewood community is a way to help fast track that change. I read blogs and news articles crying for change but until more people help, and witness the good in Englewood, we will still see violent crime.


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